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A2 hosting uptime for october 2008: 98.903% over the Internet

A2hosting uptime for this october is rather low, recording below 99%, at only 98.9% over the internet. With 4 service downtime occurance, with with 97 failed checks… Major service downtime detected on 10th october 2008 which killed the 99.9% uptime level.

Average server speed is still averagely good, recorded a 0.323 second


This is the first time i conducting this server speed testing on a2hosting server. This a2hosting review blog is hosted at my hosting services with a2hosting, my personal hosting account. You can perform your own server speed test on this server to find out the server performance.

October 2008, a2 hosting server speed test report:

URL: https://a2hostingreview.org/
Load Time: 0.7819 seconds
Page Size: 77.04 kb

www.a2hostingreview.org is the fast growing a2hosting review and also a2hosting coupon blog. There are more a2hosting customers posting their user reviews in this a2hosting review blog, you can browse this blog to find and read their personal reviews. Beside that, expect to find the most updated a2hosting service uptime report and statistic here!

A2hosting uptime for the pass few months had been great, recorded at 99.9% plus minus. A very good service uptime and server speed performance test for a shared hosting plan.

Lately, i also posted some extra a2 hosting review articles here. If you are looking for personal web hosting plan or a blog web hosting or a forum web hosting, a2hosting will be the right choice. Good hosting features and quality, and all in a reasonable priced hosting package.

Before you sign up a2hosting, use the a2hosting coupon at this review site homepage. The a2hosting coupon will give you 16% discount on your ordering amount!

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A2hosting is wordpress blog compatible. I have managed to setup this wordpress blog site at a2hosting, very easy and fast. A2hosting is using cpanel with mysql database, you can setup wordpress blog via their cpanel fantastico, or by manual upload & setup!

If you want full control of your wordpress script upgrade in future and also want full control on the mysql database, you should manually setup your wordpress blog. Reason is that fantastico can lock your database, and also manage the wordpress upgrade automatically which might be slower.

For the quickest, you should use the manual setup method. Upload the latest wordpress script to server and configure your website from there. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to setup a wordpress blog site.

My wordpress blog had been running fine, fast server response and fast page loading too. A2hosting database is fast responding as well, and very reliable. This hosting server is performing good in the pass few months.


A2hosting offering wide range of web hosting services and web hosting server, from shared hosting to reseller hosting, vps hosting, and follow by dedicated servers. Everything you need can be found here!

A2hosting have their own community forum website too. I pay them a visit today at this URL: http://forums.a2hosting.com. A2hosting forum is a new forum site, with not more than 350 members as for today.

The topic of discussion in this a2 hosting forum is quit limited to web design talk, a2hosting talk, and cpanel or whm talk. There were another section that is used for maintenance and outages information posting, you can check for your server status here.


A2hosting uptime for september 2008: 99.86% over the Internet

A2hosting uptime for september was good, recorded near to 99.9% service uptime. Over the month, there were no major service problem detected, only few short service interruption detected. The a2hosting server response time was recorded at 0.198 second.


Valid until 31th October 2008, use this A2hosting coupon and get 16% discount on your hosting package. This is the best a2hosting promotion so far, previous offer is up to 15% discount only.

A2hosting Coupon 16% Off: a2vote

Use the coupon code a2vote and save 16% off of your new hosting purchases. This coupon expires October 31, 2008 and is non-recurring.


www.a2hostingreview.org is a2 hosting review and a2 hosting coupon site. I started this a2hosting review site 6 months ago, and its hosted with a2hosting.com for real review. All hosting review data collected and posted here are based on real a2hosting review. You can use this site as a2hosting demo site and test out their hosting server.

My initial impression about a2hosting is that its a little bit expensive than most other hosting services that i using. And due to this, i am expecting lot more from a2hosting. I hope for a better service uptime, faster server and loading time, and a better customer support too!

So far i had know that their server are fast and the site loading time are great. With cpanel and decent hosting features, make this hosting plan worth it. Look for the a2 hosting coupon from https://a2hostingreview.org/a2hosting/a2hosting-coupon/ .. it will give you discount and saving.


A2 hosting uptime for August 2008: 99.818% over the internet

A2 hosting had recorded a good service uptime for the month of August 2008, it was 99.918% with 0.246 average server response time. Its a fast and reliable hosting server. Minor problem were detected over the month, that had caused the minor service downtime. Most of the day was 100% service uptime.


After few months reviewing a2hosting and clearly understand their excellent web hosting quality, i finally decided to include a2 web hosting into my premium web hosting review site at www.topwebhostingreviews.org, only the best web hosting are listed here.

A2 hosting are listed on frontpage of this top hosting review site, and also listed in the cpanel web hosting section. A2hosting is a recommended web hosting, and could be your choice if you are looking for decent cpanel web hosting plan.



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A2Hosting Coupon 40%

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