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Any web analytic software program can tell you how a visitor got to your website but not much details beyond that. A2hosting had partnered with ClickTale and provides their customers a Free ClickTale Website Analytics. So what is ClickTale? ClickTale is a website analytics tool that can show you everything visitors do on your webpage, understand how they use your site, what they’re trying to achieve and where they encounter errors. By optimizing your customer’s progress through your website you can guarantee better conversion rates, increased sales and see a much higher return on your investment.

The feature of ClickTale include movies of your visitors browsing behavior on your site, heatmaps of how far visitors scroll on your page, what visitors click on or hover over and much more. ClickTale will help you analyze your visitors behavior and optimize your site with a focus on increasing conversions. Use this incredible tool to see where your visitors are coming from and watch exactly what they are doing in real-time. More than 50,000 customers and counting on Clicktale Website Analytics, there is some popular companies are using this feature as well such as Hallmark, Vegas.com, Mint.com, Booking.com, Chip Online, DigiGifts, EduLocator.com, Financeacar, Tripbase..etc.

Where to get it? If you not sign up any A2hosting hosting yet, go to A2hosting.com and choose your preferred web hosting plan now. If you’re A2hosting customer, just login to your A2hosting cPanel account and click on the ClickTale under the Promotions section.

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Now, when you sign up with one of any A2hosting web hosting packages, you’ll get a Free $25 Bing-Yahoo! PPC credits to advertise your site on Bing.com Yahoo! search engine.

Bing’s PPC performance tends to vary based on what market you are in. Historically We’ve seen e-commerce and travel/tourism companies get better results than technology companies for example, while advertising on Bing.com. We would say that it’s probably worth a test in most situations, but don’t expect the same volume as you would see in Google. Make sure you take advantage of conversion tracking tools and getting your analytics configured to track paid Bing search as well so you can accurately track those efforts.

Let’s see what advantages of having PPC ads on Bing.com Yahoo! search engine. Firstly, the Cost per click on your products or services will be less compared to Google & Yahoo. And, Bing.com drive quality traffic with specific traffic and good conversion rate on less budget as compared to Google.com, since competition is more in Google. At last, try out now and grow your business with Bing and Yahoo! Search to expand your reach to 163 million unique searchers.

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Don’t have time to manage your PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns in Google, Yahoo, and more than 13 other Search Engines? Let the PPC Search Engine Market experts do for you from MySearchEngineAds. For all A2hosting customers, you can use MySearchEngineAds to manage your Pay Per Click ads even you are going out for travel.

A2 Hosting has partnered with MySearchEngineAds to offer $25 off the first month of PPC advertising management. MySearchEngineAds will manage your PPC advertising in 10 plus search engines including Google Search Engine for one low monthly price. It is affordable unless you have a large ad budget and you need to speak to PPC agencies. At MySearchEngineAds, your ads will appear in Google, Yahoo, Lycos, AOL, Asl and other search engines and your keywords and ads will be optimized and ultimately drive more targeted traffic to your site.

How to apply? It is simple. Firstly, sign up for MySearchEngineAds account in A2hosting.com. Then log into your MySearchEngineAds dashboard and you can start writing your ads or let the staff do it for you. Choose your keywords in the keyword tool can help you discover relevant, highly searched keywords that will trigger your ads. Target your ads and select the regions where you want your ads to be appeared. Last but not least, remember to email [email protected] to request your $25 credit after signing up.

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Online marketing is vital part of present advertising but SEO is the most fashionable. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming more popular with business advertising on Internet because of its direct way of targeting customers. A2hosting has partnered with SubmitNet, a SEO software providers that offers you an inexpensive way and easy to use program to help boost your search engine rankings in the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

A2hosting web hosting with SubmitNet offers SEO essentials like search engine submission, meta tag generator, competitor analysis and much more. There are two types of SEO SubmitNet services such as SEO Gold and SEO Platinum. The difference between SEO Gold and SEO Platinum is the SEO Platinum provides more features that SEO Gold did not have and those extra features in SEO Platinum are Link Check, Server uptime monitor, LinkTrak, Browser Check, HTML Analysis, Load Time Analysis, and Keyword Spider. In A2 hosting, you can get the 30-day free trial of SubmitNet and this free trial includes:

  • Custom monthly submissions to the top global search engines and directories
  • Unlimited access to online suite of 8 analysis, optimization and tracking tools
  • Unlimited email customer support

With this offer, you can start achieving placement in the top search engines, a $19,99 value! Click here and Try SubmitNet for Free today in A2hosting!


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