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- A2hosting.com established since 2005.
- Unmetered disk space, Unmetered monthly data transfer.
- Unlimited domain hosting & websites. FTP, subdomain, park domain.
- 24/7 A2hosting support, email support, phone support, live chat support.
- Unlimited email accounts and mailing list. Unlimited MySQL database.
- ecommerce ready, forum, wordpress blog, joomla, drupal, RoR, mambo.
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The startup web hosting plan at A2hosting is priced at just $3.46 per month after 30% discount with coupon code “JELLYBEAN“. With A2hosting hosting, all their customers will receive a 15-day free trial of iContact Email Marketing software for your Email marketing solutions that makes it easy to create professional HTML email campaigns with no tech skills.

A2hosting provides Free Trial of iContact that offers you all of the resources necessary to create, send and track bulk newsletters to your email list. iContact is the cost-effective method to keep in contact with your website visitors and customers.With your mailing list intact, your emails will be personalized with easy to use mail-merge fields. Your messages can automatically be sent based on the date or duration a list member subscribed to your email list. Or you can send your email manually with one click of the mouse.

If you like to continue use after the free trial has expired, you can sign up for iContact as low as $9.95 per month only for 250 subscribers and as much as 100,000 subscribers for $699 per month. Looking for more or premium service designed to deliver superior results, you can go for iContactPlus which is for managed service, the Certified Experts will work with you, hand-in-hand,  and guide you through strategic planning, email campaign setup, execution, reporting analysis, and more. So you can increase conversion rates so that you can maximize your email marketing ROI.


Our website hosted with A2hosting hosting are come with spam assassin and boxtrapper email protection. It is free and enable it on A2hosting cPanel control panel, once it has enabled, all the email spams are able to block and protect your email from all the spammers. There are two methods that can enable your hosting emails to be protected and free of spams.

SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system that attempts to identify spam messages based on the content of the email’s headers and body. SpamBox will deliver any emails identified as spam by SpamAssassin into a separate mail folder named “spam”. This “spam” folder will fill up and should be emptied regularly.

BoxTrapper protects your inbox from spam by forcing all people not on your white list to reply to a verification email before they can send mail to you.

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When it comes to creating your web identity, you need a good web hosting company that understands all the intricacies of the Internet and also has a finger on what you want exactly. When we were setting up our website, we got into contact with A2Hosting and were quite impressed by them. We were looking for a long term relationship, and we went in for a yearlong contract, and we were provided with a free domain name.

The entire process of the domain name registration was handled by A2Hosting and we were quite satisfied with the turnaround time of the A2Hosting guys while registering our domain name. And they can register almost any type of web hosting that you require, it may be .com, .net, .org and .info. You do not have to contact them in real time, all you have to do is to go on their support website and you the support team will get about to registering and maintaining your free domain for life.

A2Hosting offers a whopping 375 GB of web space and has a bandwidth of 5000. It can host unlimited unique websites. A2Hosting can also register your domain name. It offers an unlimited FTP account and an unlimited email account. A2Hosting also offers an unlimited MySQL database.

Creating an email account for your web hosting is simple enough, what with the easy to use and understand cPanel. All you have to do is to click on the Email Accounts icon and fill in the fields like email, password and the mailbox quota. The mailbox quota assigns the size for the account. You will also have to confirm the password to create your mailbox account. This email account can also be configured with all the major email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird.

While all the major email programs allow you to send a 10 MB attachment at the most, the A2hosting web hosting allows you to send up to a 50 MB of attachment. Of course, the number of emails you can send depends on the kind of account that you have. If you have an unlimited plan, you can send any number of emails in an hour. There are other options in the account that allows you to send two hundred to five hundred emails per house.

A2Hosting also has one of the simplest MySQL management systems. SQL is generally used to query and receive data from databases. MySQL is therefore a SQL server that takes care of the requests in SQL standard. Using MySQL, you can remove the user or even the entire database very easily. All you have to do is to click on MySQL icon and then select the delete option. Also, you can remove a user’s permission by just selecting the user and then clicking on the delete button next to the user – it is that easy.

The What You See What You Get interface is one of the best things to happen to web hosting software, and A2Hosting takes full use of it.

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A2hosting support the advanced features including A2hosting webmail and email facilities. This is why, I feel a great difference as compared to my previous hosting providers.

The webmail facility of A2hosting is quickly accessible. Their interface was highly comfortable for my users to interact with and I noticed a great difference by increased website traffic at my site. I strongly believe that, it is their strong experience in this field since 2005 that has helped in providing a huge support for my hosting demands.

I wanted email accounts which were not available in plenty with other hosting providers. We might be in need of free email accounts for our business needs. I am thankful to A2hosting for their free email accounts. Another great benefit that I was able to enjoy working with them is the unlimited number of email accounts that they offered me during my hosting experience with them.

Their email features have made me wonder at the facilities that I could enjoy there. They were so advanced that, I got an easy to handle interface with which anyone could easily interact and work with. Creating email addresses was never a tough job, ever since I started hosting with a2hosting. The instructions for this were self explanatory. I simply followed the easy steps described there and within seconds, I got an email address for contact using a2hosting’s advanced email functionality.

When other email facilities used to limit the storage space and the size of the emails that can be sent, A2hosting never set such restrictions on my requirements. For my dedicated hosting needs, I was in need of sending a large number of mails regularly. It was here that A2hosting proved a blessing to me.

As per the offers from A2hosting, during the set up, I got various benefits in a single package. The webmail and email facilities included in the startup plan were amazingly beneficial.

I have never observed the hassles or difficulties and tensions involved in a web hosting, ever since I started working with A3hosting. They were always ready to assist me in all possible ways and I have always enjoyed working with them.

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A2Hosting Coupon 40%
A2Hosting Coupon 40%