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Previous article, i already wrote a review about a2 hosting domain privacy feature, which you might need someday. Not to forget, we need to find out what is the current domain registration price for a2hosting.com.

Currently, a2 hosting domain registration price is $12.95/year. A2 hosting can allow you to register wide range of domain extension TLD, not just limited to .com, .org, .info, .net, .biz, … there are more. You can check out their domain registration full list at here http://www.a2hosting.com/services/domain-registration


WHOIS Domain Privacy
Sometimes and in certain scenarios it is necessary to hide your personal information from public viewing, if your domain is not covered with this feature and anyone can perform a whois check and can get your personal details like, name, address, contact details including email address which could lead to Spam mails.

A2hosting does provide this domain privacy feature to protect you from WHOIS check however WHOIS Privacy Protection for a domain you’ve registered through A2 Hosting is available for additional cost of $11.00/year (this price may vary per TLD).

This feature is only available for domains registered via a2hosting.com

OWNER: A2 Hosting, Inc.
Site in business since 11-May-2003
Email/Contact domains(at)a2hosting dot com
Phone Number +1 734 222 4678, Fax: +1 734 527 6565
Street 2639 Esch Ave
City Ann Arbor
State MI
Postal code 48103
Country United States

Website details www.a2hosting.com

Web Site IP

Website Location: Country/State/City: United States/Michigan / Ann Arbor

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A sub domain allows you to host a 3rd level domain within your existing webspace. For instance, if your main domain is “domain1.com”, a sub domain would look like “subdomain.domain1.com”. You can redirect Internet traffic from a particular sub-domain to another location. Steps involved are:-

To add sub domain redirection:
1. Click on the Sub domains button on the home page.
2. Click on the required sub domain from the first drop-down list.
3. Click on the Setup Redirection button.
4. Enter the redirection address in the available field. Make sure that you end the address with a trailing slash (e.g. http://yourdomain.com/).
5. Click on the Save button.

A2hosting allow unlimited subdomain name creation and as well unlimited parked domain. You are now able to create as many subdomain as you require.

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An add-on domain allows you to host a completely different domain within your existing web space. For instance, if your main domain is “domain1.com”, you could use an add-on domain to host “domain2.com” within the same account. Add-on domains are allowed, however they are based of plan to plan, and you must choose the plan according to your needs.

To add a domain to your web site:
1. Click on the Add-on Domains button on the home page.
2. Enter the domain name in the New Add-on Domain field.
3. Add the directory that the add-on domain points to in the Username/directory name field.
4. Enter the password for the domain in the Password field, if required.
5. Click on the Add button.

A2 hosting offering unlimited addon domains, mean you can add as many websites as you like, and host a unique website through the domain addon.

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I just sign up a hosting account with a2hosting now long ago, my experience with them so far has been good, they are fast, supportive, professional, their data base has got detailed knowledge base of almost every problem you can come across, if not the their friendly crew is their to sort out your problem. The only concern is they are no cheap service, they are not a cheap service providers, however if you are looking for professional stuff, then you are at right place. They have really stood by their commitment of guaranteed 99.9% uptime. I have literally never faced any problem ever in terms of uptime.

You can purchase domain name from a2hosting.com. A2hosting have plans available which allow unlimited domains, which ideally means that you can add new domains as you need. You also can purchase domain name from other registrar like: namecheap, godaddy, enom, etc. And after purchase, you can change the Name Server to a2hosting server, thus the new domain is pointed towards a2hosting. The domain registration with them is expensive starts with minimum of $12.95/year and moreover they do charge for transfer which is available free out there with many of the service providers. Some of their price details are like:

TLD Register charges Transfer charges

.com $12.95/yr. $12.95
.net $12.95/yr. $12.95
.org $12.95/yr. $12.95
.us $12.95/yr. $12.95
.info $12.95/yr. $12.95
.biz $12.95/yr. $12.95
.cn $31.95/yr. $31.95
.cc $31.95/yr. $31.95

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When it comes to creating your web identity, you need a good web hosting company that understands all the intricacies of the Internet and also has a finger on what you want exactly. When we were setting up our website, we got into contact with A2Hosting and were quite impressed by them. We were looking for a long term relationship, and we went in for a yearlong contract, and we were provided with a free domain name.

The entire process of the domain name registration was handled by A2Hosting and we were quite satisfied with the turnaround time of the A2Hosting guys while registering our domain name. And they can register almost any type of web hosting that you require, it may be .com, .net, .org and .info. You do not have to contact them in real time, all you have to do is to go on their support website and you the support team will get about to registering and maintaining your free domain for life.

A2Hosting offers a whopping 375 GB of web space and has a bandwidth of 5000. It can host unlimited unique websites. A2Hosting can also register your domain name. It offers an unlimited FTP account and an unlimited email account. A2Hosting also offers an unlimited MySQL database.

Creating an email account for your web hosting is simple enough, what with the easy to use and understand cPanel. All you have to do is to click on the Email Accounts icon and fill in the fields like email, password and the mailbox quota. The mailbox quota assigns the size for the account. You will also have to confirm the password to create your mailbox account. This email account can also be configured with all the major email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird.

While all the major email programs allow you to send a 10 MB attachment at the most, the A2hosting web hosting allows you to send up to a 50 MB of attachment. Of course, the number of emails you can send depends on the kind of account that you have. If you have an unlimited plan, you can send any number of emails in an hour. There are other options in the account that allows you to send two hundred to five hundred emails per house.

A2Hosting also has one of the simplest MySQL management systems. SQL is generally used to query and receive data from databases. MySQL is therefore a SQL server that takes care of the requests in SQL standard. Using MySQL, you can remove the user or even the entire database very easily. All you have to do is to click on MySQL icon and then select the delete option. Also, you can remove a user’s permission by just selecting the user and then clicking on the delete button next to the user – it is that easy.

The What You See What You Get interface is one of the best things to happen to web hosting software, and A2Hosting takes full use of it.

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Are you looking for A2 hosting DNS domain nameserver?? i try to search for these online, quit hard to look for the right answer. If you want to make sure you are getting the right a2hosting dns nameserver, always check your setup email that you receive after account sign up.

Following are the a2hosting dns nameserver:

  • Primary nameserver: NS1.A2WEBHOSTING.COM
    Nameserver IP:
  • Secondary nameserver: NS2.A2WEBHOSTING.COM
    Nameserver IP:

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A2Hosting Coupon 40%
A2Hosting Coupon 40%

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