- A2hosting.com established since 2005.
- Unmetered disk space, Unmetered monthly data transfer.
- Unlimited domain hosting & websites. FTP, subdomain, park domain.
- 24/7 A2hosting support, email support, phone support, live chat support.
- Unlimited email accounts and mailing list. Unlimited MySQL database.
- ecommerce ready, forum, wordpress blog, joomla, drupal, RoR, mambo.
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A2hosting offers their customer an affordable web and dedicated Ruby hosting packages that include many add-on features such as cPanel, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, SSH access and more. It has many features to process text files and to do system management tasks.

A2hosting is a great pick and compatible for Ruby on Rails hosting. A2hosting’s ruby capabilities supported on a reliable A2hosting framework with great server uptime. Ruby on rails is free on A2hosting hosting packages which is a web application framework supports the development of interactive websites. The benefit of Ruby on Rails is to reduce the cost of basic activities involved in website creation.

Ruby on Rails can be installed on A2hosting cPanel. The following is the Ruby on Rails features offered by A2hosting:

  • FastCGI on all servers for Ruby on Rails
  • 24/7 support via phone, live chat, email
  • easy application installation
  • Typo blog
  • Mongrel HTTP library and server for Ruby
  • Lots of installed germs for ruby and rails…

A2hosting 31% discount on all web hosting packages such as A2hosting reseller, A2hosting VPS hosting, A2hosting dedicated server hosting.


Every online business needs a newsletter to maintain communication with its customers. Are you looking to host a PHPlist hosting? A2hosting is offering the most latest version PHPlist available for free installation with Fantastico. A2hosting web hosting packages are supported with PHP and MySQL for PHPlist configuration and provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, and unlimited email accounts for you to send message from managing PHPlist over the internet.(Executive A2hosting plan, A2hosting Reseller Hosting plan, A2hosting VPS hosting plan are recommended)

PHPlist is a great way which allows managers or owners to post newsletter and mailing list via a web page. It works well when used for announcements, notifications, publicity lists and more. It can handle very large email address lists, and will help you increase traffic to your website. With PHPlist, you can keep sending many messages from your A2hosting web server even though your computer has shut down.

PHPlist’s has over 30+ feature sets includes:

  • double opt-in subscription mechanism
  • scheduling
  • RSS
  • list segmentation
  • click-tracking
  • attachments
  • bounce management

Go to: A2hosting.com website


There is another way to create PostreSQL databases. Here we found out a very useful tool from A2hosting cpanel, a more easy way to create your PostreSQL databases. The answer is phpPgAdmin. You can find it on login to your A2hosting cpanel and go to the “Databases” section > phpPgAdmin.

PhpPgAdmin is a web-based tool written in PHP language script for creating/managing PostreSQL database, it provide a convenient way for users to create, copy, drop and alter tables/views/sequences/functions/triggers: edit and add fields, execute any SQL statement, even bath-queries, manage keys on fields, and more.

It is really a great tool which is similiar to phpMyAdmin but its for PostgreSQL instead of MySQL, it has some nice features like an AJAX based sidebar for browsing databases. We are highly recommend that you use phpPgAdmin if you are gong to create PostgreSQL database for your website. It works well on A2hosting web server after we have tested to create our PostgreSQL in phpPgAdmin tool. The current version is phpPgAdmin 4.2.2 available in 27 languages, no encoding conflicts. Edit Russian data using a Japanese interface.

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A2hosting offers various web hosting plans to follow their customers’ needs and requirements. When you start building a website, you may required to create a database for your website contents especially for ecommerce, online store website. A2hosting offers two types of database management system such as MySQL database and PostgreSQL database.

MySQL database is the most common web-based tool to create and store database. Nowadays for the needs of the contemporary dynamic web applications database access availability is mandatory. You can make it more dynamic, content rich and informative, a more powerful database management system is required to fit your needs and that is PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL is an enterprise class solution allowing the creation of huge databases and offering functionalities and characteristics available only in the the expensive corporate SQL servers like Oracle, MsSql, etc. Several major companies are using this like Yahoo, IMDB and Skype.

Login to A2hosting cpanel control panel > Databases > PostgreSQL databases > from there you can get started to create your PostgreSQL database. How to create a PostgreSQL database? Actually there are several ways to create it and one of the basic is via the PostgreSQL command line. You can simply have to type the “CREATE DATABASE” command and specify the database name. Make sure that you must be in “SUPERUSER” mode in order to create new databases from the command line.


A2hosting Web Hosting Fantastico is where you can install open-source application scripts. When you have signed up A2hosting web hosting package, you can login to your A2hosting control panel at http://yourdomainnames.com/cpanel with your login username and password given. The Fantastico De Luxe is just locate on the “Software/Services” section, click on the icon and then you are accesse to Fantastico interface where you can see the multiple instances of any of the programs lists.

Fantastico De Luxe is the leading autoinstaller for cPanel servers. It integrates with cPanel and gives you one-click install ability for multiple instances of any of the programs listed below: in an add-on domain, in a subdomain, or in top level directories (the root of your main domain or any addon/sub domain).

—> A2hosting Web Hosting Fantastico (Click Here and go to A2hosting.com)



A2hosting Moodle CMS hosting for Education website is all about a website that designed for a training or educational organization who wants to do e-learning activities and needs a learning platform. With any A2hosting web hosting packages like Business Hosting, Small Hosting, VPS hosting or Dedicated Hosting, you are allow to build your Moodle hosting, one of the most diffused open source learning management systems.

A2hosting Moodle Hosting is fully hosted, easy to managed, and accessible with any web browser. The Moodle installation can be found on Fantastico, where it locates in your cPanel control panel. On your A2hosting Fantastico > Other Scripts section > Moodle > click the new installation > you can have your own hosted web-based learning platform in few minutes.


All A2hosting packages such as Shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated and semi-dedicated server hosting packages come with everything that you needed to run the Magento commerce hosting. A2hosting support Magento E-commerce to allow web developers to manage every facet of the creation and the nurturing of e-commerce website from the control of the site via Magento’s shopping cart, the handling of product shipments, catalog management, writing product reviews, comments and more. Reviewed by www.a2hostingreview.org.

With Magento commerce hosting, you can create multi-store to your different domain names. You can expand your market to reach more customers by creating targeted micro-sites using Magento. For Magento installation can be found on A2hosting control panel and just a few clicks to complete the whole installation.  A2hosting is now having promotion for all A2hosting plans with coupon code. Click and Activate the A2hosting 40% discount coupon “rerun”


A2 SiteBuilder is a tool that enable novice who are new to web design and lack of web design knowledge to build a web site easily and quickly, no HTML knowledge is necessary. You can save a lot from hiring a professional web designer to do it for you and it could even work out cheaper than buying an authoring package like DreamWeaver or FrontPage.

With any A2hosting web hosting plan you get a free A2 SiteBuilder, it can be found on A2hosting control panel.  A2 SiteBuilder is simple step-by-step instructions will walk you through the initial steps of naming your website and selecting a website template.

The features of A2 SiteBuilder are many and bring a lot of fun for you to build your own custom website and those features are include 600+ Free web page templates with Flash, library with 3,000+ images, add a blog, photo album, form, guest book or newsletter, meta tag, video tutorials etc.

A2hosting Reseller Hosting plan having a 40% off discount with coupon that will allow $11.97 per month (regularly $19.95 per month). It is using cpanel as their control panel with 25GB disk space, 250GB monthly data transfer, unlimited domains, free setup and no hidden cost. This promotion period is only valid until 31st July 2009.


This a2 hosting review site is hosted with a2hosting.com, its my personal web hosting review site, and i sign up a shared hosting plan with a2 hosting. A2hosting is offering a great web hosting features at most affordable price. I give them a try!

Before signing up any web hosting plan, its important to view their control panel. You don’t want to end up with a custom made control panel, that require you to browse 10 pages just to get to what you want. Or even worst when you end up with control panel that only support italian or spanish right?

A2hosting is using the standard cpanel 11 control panel for their shared hosting plan. A2 hosting cpanel can be access by following link:

  • https://a2hostingreview.org/cpanel
  • https://www.a2hostingreview.org/cpanel

You can choose the normal a2hosting cpanel login or the secure cpanel login page. Also make sure your cpanel port 2083 is allow access by your firewall.

Taken from my own account, Screenshot below is a2hosting cpanel demo:

A2hosting cpanel

Main Domain a2hostingreview.org
Home Directory /home/xxxxxxx
Last login from
Disk Space Usage 8.18/∞ MB
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 6.02/∞ MB
Email Accounts 0/∞
Subdomains 0/∞
Parked Domains 0/∞
Addon Domains 0/∞
Ftp Accounts 0/∞
SQL Databases 1/∞
Mailing Lists 0/∞
Hosting package Executive Shared
Server Name a2s33
cPanel Version 11.23.4-RELEASE
cPanel Build 26138
Theme x3
Apache version 2.2.9 (Unix)
PHP version 5.2.6
MySQL version 5.0.51a-community
Architecture x86_64
Operating system Linux
Shared Ip Address
Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
Kernel version 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5
cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)

Go to A2hosting.com


A2Hosting Coupon 40%
A2Hosting Coupon 40%

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