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- A2hosting.com established since 2005.
- Unmetered disk space, Unmetered monthly data transfer.
- Unlimited domain hosting & websites. FTP, subdomain, park domain.
- 24/7 A2hosting support, email support, phone support, live chat support.
- Unlimited email accounts and mailing list. Unlimited MySQL database.
- ecommerce ready, forum, wordpress blog, joomla, drupal, RoR, mambo.
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FlatPress blog, the best blog hosting is now available at A2hosting Linux hosting company with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, FREE domain, cPanel and Free FlatPress installation. A2hosting 24/7 support crew is very friendly and knowledgeable which is able to assist you with any questions.

FlatPress is great for users who like to create their blogging website with the features of extensible blog via plugins, blog themes are smarty-bsed, easily create categories and edit blog hierarchy, simple upload option to add files to blog, format posts with user-friendly BBCode and more. FlatPress blogging only requires a hosting account with a current version of PHP and not require a database because it stores all of its content in text files. A2hosting is currently supporting PHP 5.2.9 which is most compatible with FlatPress blog. Get A2hosting FlatPress blog hosting for $5.49 per month only!


These are the four famous blogging software that usually used by webmaster, and you can get it install at a2 hosting too. A2hosting ranging from shared hosting, reseller plan, vps hosting and dedicated server… all can support these blog cms software including wordpress, nucleus, b2evolution and bbPress.

A2 hosting wordpress web site has been setup here in our a2hosting account before, read previous a2hosting review for details and the wordpress demo test run we conducted. Also, there is another blogging software we tested, it is the habari blogging software. Habari is brand new and its supported at a2hosting too.

There is no problem to host your favourite blog website with a2 hosting blog package, choose your desire blog software and install it at a2hosting. Simple as that, there is fantastico installer provided, installing wordpress nucleus b2evolution is easiest via fantastico quick installer.

A2hosting is affordable and now with a2hosting coupon code that give big discount, you pay less this way and help you to save more. A2hosting blog is all you need, affordable and with excellent service uptime. Also, a2hosting is with $170 free adversiting credits and $25 dollars transfer credit, now is a great time to switch to a2hosting.

View a2hosting for details, hosting package, promo and coupon code here!


Habari hosting is the brand new A2 Hosting blog, entitled adventures in hosting which is one of the popular blogging. A2Hosting’s servers are Habari compatible. Habari hosting supported its database backend in PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite. Habari hosting provides you many blogging solutions tack on crucial features such as comment spam and social media tools.

With any of A2hosting web hosting plan like shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are all supported Habari blog. Habari web hosting is perfect for new bloggers who would like to start their first blogging website. Click and go to: A2hosting.com

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A2Hosting has launches a brand new blog for your web hosting. Habari is a new blogging tool that utilize a new technology for develop a modern bloggging platform. The name is get from Swahili greeting that spoken by a several large stretches of the Indian Ocean coastline from southern Somalia to northern Mozambique, Comoros Islands. Habari meaning (what’s the) news.

A2Hosting Habari Blog hosting which is a community-driven project that focuses on more object-oriented programming techniques which written in PHP5 and supports MySQL, SQLite, and PostgeSQL for the database backend and the support of modern standards, such as the Atom Publishing protocol.

What makes Habari Blog different is the way it integrates with 3rd party plugins. In Habari you can browse Flickr for photo to add your post similiar to some other blogging platforms enable you to browse your computer’s hard drive. As you search for a photo, you have the option to enter in a tag to better locate the picture you need.

Habari blogging brings many untold benefits and advantages over the blogging services by A2Hosting. The best theme for WordPress plugins will be available to enriching the reader experience for you. You may also activate Plugins to your blogging such as Flickr Media, Live Help Chat Room, Pingback, Simple Private Posts, Theme Switcher, Undelete 1.1 alpha, Viddler Media Silo and WordPress.

If you hosted with any of A2Hosting’s web hosting plans such as A2Hosting shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, then you can enjoy its Habari’s feature to enhance your blogging platform. The following is the sample of searching Flickr in Habari:

To learn more, go to A2Hosting.com


A2hosting is wordpress blog compatible. I have managed to setup this wordpress blog site at a2hosting, very easy and fast. A2hosting is using cpanel with mysql database, you can setup wordpress blog via their cpanel fantastico, or by manual upload & setup!

If you want full control of your wordpress script upgrade in future and also want full control on the mysql database, you should manually setup your wordpress blog. Reason is that fantastico can lock your database, and also manage the wordpress upgrade automatically which might be slower.

For the quickest, you should use the manual setup method. Upload the latest wordpress script to server and configure your website from there. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to setup a wordpress blog site.

My wordpress blog had been running fine, fast server response and fast page loading too. A2hosting database is fast responding as well, and very reliable. This hosting server is performing good in the pass few months.


Blog hosting is an application specific type of web hosting. Some create blogs to share their interest, interesting facts and valuable information. Others create blogs for generating traffics and incomes from the blog. Blog hosting is available free as well as paid blogs. Blogs which are free to create will be having certain restrictions like, amount of content, security, the type of content that we can post. But in the case of a paid blog we can get good services and security.

while i reviewing a2 hosting, i do consider their hosting plan for blog hosting purpose too. Basically, you need to find the right hosting plan that support your favourite blog script. Once you had identify these hosting feature, make sure its a good web hosting service with good service uptime too.

A2hosting Executive Shared Hosting Plan is suitable for blog hosting. The technical features that they specify include:
• cPanel 11 control panel
• SFTP/SSH Access
• PHP 5.2.6
• Ruby 1.8.5 and Ruby On Rails 2.0
• My SQL 8.3.x
• Free Blogs, Forums, Mailing lists.
• Protection against virus and spam.
• Also unlimited email accounts.

A2 hosting provides a good executive shared hosting plan which includes unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer. This plan costs only $7 per month.

Go to A2hosting.com


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