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A2Hosting has launches a brand new blog for your web hosting. Habari is a new blogging tool that utilize a new technology for develop a modern bloggging platform. The name is get from Swahili greeting that spoken by a several large stretches of the Indian Ocean coastline from southern Somalia to northern Mozambique, Comoros Islands. Habari meaning (what’s the) news.

A2Hosting Habari Blog hosting which is a community-driven project that focuses on more object-oriented programming techniques which written in PHP5 and supports MySQL, SQLite, and PostgeSQL for the database backend and the support of modern standards, such as the Atom Publishing protocol.

What makes Habari Blog different is the way it integrates with 3rd party plugins. In Habari you can browse Flickr for photo to add your post similiar to some other blogging platforms enable you to browse your computer’s hard drive. As you search for a photo, you have the option to enter in a tag to better locate the picture you need.

Habari blogging brings many untold benefits and advantages over the blogging services by A2Hosting. The best theme for WordPress plugins will be available to enriching the reader experience for you. You may also activate Plugins to your blogging such as Flickr Media, Live Help Chat Room, Pingback, Simple Private Posts, Theme Switcher, Undelete 1.1 alpha, Viddler Media Silo and WordPress.

If you hosted with any of A2Hosting’s web hosting plans such as A2Hosting shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, then you can enjoy its Habari’s feature to enhance your blogging platform. The following is the sample of searching Flickr in Habari:

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A2 Hosting have lots of options of their web hosting services that enable you to choose especially when you would like to expanding your website. A2 hosting allows you to upgrade at any time without any difficulties.

I have been setting up a Linux Ubuntu server installation on hosted Core VPS hosting. I felt very happy with their web hosting service , their support team has impress me with their responsiveness and receptiveness to feedback.  If you looking for Ubuntu VPS hosting plans I would suggest A2Hosting. A2Hosting currently providing special offer for their web hosting packages by A2hosting coupon. For billing 12 months, you could save up $43.27 of a total (regular price)is $216.35,  after 20% discount you only need to pay for $173.08 for a year.

Why VPS Hosting? VPS (Virtual Private Server) is one physical server is partitioned into multiple private servers. VPS Hosting has many advantages over shared hosting, because VPS hosting is full root access, allowing you to choose which scripts are installed and how they are configured but shared hosting only through their control panel and much limitation.  With VPS Hosting, you can control your own unique file system and CGI BIN, disk space, system resources and bandwidth. VPS has had much better uptime, your website performance will not be affected by the other clients who share the same server.

“Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions, which is a speedy OS known for its focus on usability, robust features and reliability. Its a large community ensures great support and guarantees that developers are continually seeking to improve an already popular Linux distribution with updates every 6 months.”

Once you have purchased your VPS Hosting, you will then receive an email from A2 Hosting within few hours. On the email, you will be provided a URLs, username and password for your HyperVM control panel, DNS management, and SSH login. By the default setting, your VPS comes with the CentOS 5 image, so you need to rebuild for ubuntu 8.10.

To learn more, go to A2hosting.com

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A2Hosting service uptime by www.A2HostingReview.org for April 2009: 99.18% over the Internet.

A2HostingReview.org is a very great review site where you can always keep track the service uptime of A2Hosting, from here you are able to understand and find out how good and bad the server is.  On this month – April 2009, A2Hosting’s service uptime is considered fast and stable, recording at 99.18% uptime over the month. There are a total 0f 21 outages running on their servers, less problems/downtimes occurs.

As for the response time of the server is fast, the average response time for the whole month was 0.25 second only. To use A2Hosting Coupon, you can save more when ordering your web hosting plan..

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Wait… make sure you are not paying $9.95 for a2hosting shared hosting plan, not even $7.95 per month. You can get the same thing for much lesser price, make sure you are getting it at $6.36 per month, lowest price! You could save more than $57 dollars by using this a2hosting coupon.

Once you apply following a2 hosting coupon code, make sure you click the “calculate total” at a2hosting checkout page, and later you will see $57.24 dollars ripped off your bill. And your final total is $228.96 for 36 months term, and this equal to $6.36 per month only. Instead of paying regular price of $7.95 per month :)

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Comparing a2hosting and fatcow web hosting? A2hosting is business web hosting company or premier web hosting company, offering you quality web hosting services with the best web hosting features. Althought a2hosting $7.95/mth is rather expensive if compared to fatcow $3.99 per month, a2hosting is delivering higher quality web hosting services.

A2hosting offering wide range of shared hosting plan, reseller hosting, and dedicated server plan. Their web hosting quality is great and comparable with many other top web hosts, no mistake this cpanel hosting company is one of the greatest! Choose what you need and get started, upgrade to higher plan when you need more server processing or server resources. Work best for your budget in long run.

Fatcow regular price $5.55 per month, $3.99 is fatcow price after discount!
For fatcow hosting, its more to a budget shared hosting plan, with vdeck and unlimited website hosting. Fatcow hosting not have vps hosting of dedicated server for future upgrades, thus you can only host basic websites with fatcow web hosting.


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A2Hosting Coupon 40%