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- A2hosting.com established since 2005.
- Unmetered disk space, Unmetered monthly data transfer.
- Unlimited domain hosting & websites. FTP, subdomain, park domain.
- 24/7 A2hosting support, email support, phone support, live chat support.
- Unlimited email accounts and mailing list. Unlimited MySQL database.
- ecommerce ready, forum, wordpress blog, joomla, drupal, RoR, mambo.
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A2hosting is upgrading their shared hosting services, and now with unmetered disk storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domain hosting, etc. Their shared hosting plan is as low as $7.95 per month, or $8.95 per month for 24 months term.

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Not all web hosting company offering good technical support. I am having over 25 web hosting account with various hosting companies, and reviewing over 60 web hosting services/providers, its become clear that whos deliver a good technical support and whos not.

For a2hosting support team, although i am still new with their technical support channel and sent in email ticket before, and even have contact with their marketing people as well. The experience so far had been great.

For a2 hosting support team, they do reply your email ticket on time, and get to the root of your problem until its fixed. I still remember when i first started with the new hosting account, i having some ftp upload program where i keep receiving server timeout and too many connection to server. I checked through my filezilla setting, everything seem OK. I was piss off and sent in email to a2hosting support asking them to take a look. They get back to me on time, and after a few reply and return, the problem is cleared and not at their server side. Finally a2 hosting support advice me to change the filezilla ftp session from PASSIVE to ACTIVE type. Guess what, everything works after this setting changes. I can now ftp upload and download without any problem. A well done job from a2 hosting support team!

For a2hosting marketing team, i did keep in touch with Brad Litwin, A2 Hosting, Inc. He is a real nice person to talk with. And its his habit to reply my email on time, mostly on the same day.

Its nice to have responsive and responsible people managing the web hosting company, as a customer, i do feel much better and know when i need help, i can get some… really quickly!

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This a2 hosting review site is hosted with a2hosting.com, its my personal web hosting review site, and i sign up a shared hosting plan with a2 hosting. A2hosting is offering a great web hosting features at most affordable price. I give them a try!

Before signing up any web hosting plan, its important to view their control panel. You don’t want to end up with a custom made control panel, that require you to browse 10 pages just to get to what you want. Or even worst when you end up with control panel that only support italian or spanish right?

A2hosting is using the standard cpanel 11 control panel for their shared hosting plan. A2 hosting cpanel can be access by following link:

  • https://a2hostingreview.org/cpanel
  • https://www.a2hostingreview.org/cpanel

You can choose the normal a2hosting cpanel login or the secure cpanel login page. Also make sure your cpanel port 2083 is allow access by your firewall.

Taken from my own account, Screenshot below is a2hosting cpanel demo:

A2hosting cpanel

Main Domain a2hostingreview.org
Home Directory /home/xxxxxxx
Last login from
Disk Space Usage 8.18/∞ MB
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 6.02/∞ MB
Email Accounts 0/∞
Subdomains 0/∞
Parked Domains 0/∞
Addon Domains 0/∞
Ftp Accounts 0/∞
SQL Databases 1/∞
Mailing Lists 0/∞
Hosting package Executive Shared
Server Name a2s33
cPanel Version 11.23.4-RELEASE
cPanel Build 26138
Theme x3
Apache version 2.2.9 (Unix)
PHP version 5.2.6
MySQL version 5.0.51a-community
Architecture x86_64
Operating system Linux
Shared Ip Address
Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
Kernel version 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5
cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)

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First of all, a2 hosting shared hosting plan is a linux web hosting plan that have very low limitation, and allows you to host any php script which also including a forum script; phpbb or vbulletin or smf forum script.

From a2 hosting cpanel control panel, you can browse to fantastico, and inside you will find the forum script: phpbb and smf script to choose from. Click on the forum script that you prefer and want to setup. Complete your setup process and your first forum site will running. Its simple as that, starting and hosting your first forum website is just a few clicks away.

Furthermore, a2hosting allows you to host unlimited websites, and this means you can have more than one forum site running at your a2hosting account.

If in future when you require more server processing and faster loading time for your fast growing forum site, its an option for you to upgrade to a2 hosting vps hosting, semi-dedicated server, or even a dedicated server that will offer wide range of processing power for your forum site.

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A2Hosting Coupon 40%